Dry Mark Dry Erase Film Installation

dry mark film roll installation

  1. Wet a clean cloth with a drop of soap on it. dry erase
  2. With the surface still damp, remove the blue backing from the Dry-Mark film and affix it to the surface.
  3. If air bubbles form take a squeegee, credit card or your hand and gently push them to the nearest end.
  4. Wipe clean the flat surface you plan to apply the Dry-Mark Dry Erase Film.

Resurface a 10 foot board in under 20 minutes!

No need to wait for the end of the school term – refurbish a whiteboard during a lunch break!

This video shows just how easy it is to install our Evergreen Dry Erase film. The video was made by three grade school teachers – not by professionals – and shows how you too can retrofit a chalk or white board in minutes – with no special tools required.

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