Turn any surface into a dry erase board and projection screen 

AEasy, convenient & Green Dry Erase Filmt Environmental Solution Experts, we specialize in products that reduce people’s chemical exposure, are cost effective and work well!

Our Dry Erase Film is a great example!

eco friendlyDon’t Toss Worn out Chalk boards, Whiteboards and Blackboards – Resurface them!

DRY Mark BenefitsGO GREEN while you restore your board’s usability at a fraction of the cost of replacement AND it keeps them out of landfills.

Worn out Chalkboards, Whiteboards and Blackboards are hard to read, unattractive and are expensive to replace.

  • Now you can restore their usability at a very low cost.  

  • Eliminate chalk dust allergens with a dry erase surface.

  • And gain LEED points

Easy to Apply! It only takes minutes!

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No special tools required

Resurface a 10′ board in about 20 minutes

Dry Erase Film creates a beautiful surface for dry erase & projection screen but adds minimal weight 

We are pleased to introduce
Eco-White Plus™ board cleaner

Eco-White Plus™ is a new white board cleaner that is made with engineered water.  Eco-White Dry Erase Cleaner

It does a great job cleaning white boards along with cleaning off all the residual board cleaner that exist on the boards. The Eco-White Plus also cleans all the organic matter on the board and dry erase markers. The organic matter is what the bacteria needs to eat to survive. It is truly Green cleaner.

It EPA # is 088681-KOR-001 and is certified GRAS (generally regarded as safe)